Beautiful Custom Photo Slate

Photo Slate Plaques are a truly unique addition to your home. The chiseled imperfect edges and stunning colorful presentation make this an amazing display for your cherished images.

Each photo slate is made from natural sedimentary stone along with black plastic feet to stand it on any space in your home. Perfect for the mantel or on your side tables, your friends and family will be so envious of your stunning custom piece of art.

For orders of 5 or more photo slates (in the same order - can be separate pictures), you will receive a 10% discount. Use the code 5PLUS to receive the discount.

Square: 8x8 - Is perfect for your desk, small spaces that need filling in your decor!
Tablet: 8x8 - A wonderful addition to the mantel, side tables, and coffee table.
Rectangle: 8x12 - Beautiful display for the mantel, long table or any unique space.

Due to the personalized and custom uniqueness of this product, all sales are final and we do not accept returns. However, we will happily work with you to make this a wonderful shopping experience.